Scope & Stack Spur Knob

Scope & Stack Spur Knob

By: Scope & Stack

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This custom made knob by Scope & Stack is meant to fully replace the plastic knob on the back of the Blazer Big Shot GT8000 torches. 

These knobs have a super solid construction made from 6061 aluminum and are available in several different colors:

Pyrite Yellow


Instructions: peel off the sticker on the stock plastic knob to reveal the small screw. use a small screwdriver (not included) to remove the screw and then the plastic knob will come off. then replace it with the spur knob and use the new screw and allen wrench to tighten it. note: the plastic piece you press in to ignite the torch should NOT be removed. 

Cream City Vapes Scope & Stack Spur Knob Staff Tips/Reviews:
"Although a bit pricey, these knobs are very stylish and can make any blazer big shot GT8000 torch look and feel better. Once you have one, you won't look back at re-installing the stock plastic knob ever again, and if you have multiple big shots your collection will soon all be equipped with the spur knobs."

-Sam at Cream City Vapes